Together We Walk, Together We Rise

Amanda with Beautiful Knockout Coaching believes that ALL women are beautiful.  

She believes that everyone, including you, has infinite potential, no matter what obstacles are or have been in your way.  

Change is possible regardless of where you've been, what you did or what experiences you've gone through.  When you embrace your story, you discover that you are not defined by your past, your past is defined by you.  

You already have the power you are looking for, it’s time to tap in and release it.

Beautiful Knockout Coaching is for you if:

  • You are ready to let go of anything holding you back.

  • You want to release fear around being yourself.

  • You are ready to accept where you have been and what you have experienced as a powerful piece of who you are.

  • You are ready to Take Risks, to be seen and heard.

  • You are willing to take openhearted ownership of your life.

  • You are ready for a daring adventure.

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Beautiful Knockout Coaching will support you with:

  • Learning how to HONOR where you have been and what you have been through

  • HONESTLY looking at your story and the stories you tell yourself 

  • EXPLORING yourself, including everything you think you know

  • Getting REAL about who you are and letting go of any fear that gets in your way

  • Taking RISKS, the big and little ones 

  • Developing OPENHEARTED OWNERSHIP of your life and your perceptions

  • Uncovering the HERO that you already are

  • Strengthening the positive relationship with yourself which will impact the quality of all your relationships

  • Increasing your confidence so you live a more joy filled and connected life

Beautiful Knockout’s Hope For You:

  • Reject the negative, unhelpful and toxic beliefs you were fed by your parents, friends, family, and society.

  • Be the Beautiful Knockout that you are and accept yourself AS YOU ARE. 

  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself & start accepting yourself where you are

  • Strive to be the very best version of YOU. No more comparing yourself with others!

  • Realize you can be independent, strong & powerful while still being soft, thoughtful & compassionate. It's not either/or it's BOTH/AND.

  • Don’t fear change, embrace & even welcome it!!

  • Find a balance between your expectations of yourself including life’s demands/responsibilities and your goals, dreams and aspirations for yourself.

  • Remember: it's okay to focus on yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Give yourself permission to focus on yourself FIRST.

  • Appreciate yourself. Show yourself Grace. Begin embodying all the strength & love you want to see in your life!! 

You are perfect, Beautiful. Don’t let the world try to tell you otherwise.
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