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I am so grateful I decided to attend a retreat that Amanda facilitated. Overall, the setting, materials, and facilitation were outstanding! I gained so much more self-awareness through the process. As I venture further in my journey, Amanda has persistently been one person I can count on always being “authentic.” She has been able to unconditionally accept me for me and has helped me learn self-love in the process. I would highly recommend taking a training or retreat from her. She’s the best coach you could ask for. Through gentle empathy and support, Amanda will walk with you in self-discovery. She continues to impact women and helps empower them to their fullest potential! Attend a retreat – you won’t be disappointed!
— Melissa H
Amanda has helped me change my life for the better. By attending her workshop, I realized that even though I’ve had negative experiences in my life, my story of who I am is amazing and powerful. Amanda helped me begin to believe in myself again. Since I started working with her, I realized that I am in control of my life and my destiny. She helped me remember that everything in life happens for a reason. Amanda inspires me to better myself, change my life and remember that change is always possible, even for me. She supported me in learning that change is a good thing, not something to fear. Amanda is a strong and incredible woman who wants to help other women reach their true potential. I wouldn’t be in the good place I am right now without her coaching and encouragement.
— Maegan W
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Amanda is amazing. She listens and creates great conversation for reflection. Amanda is great with creating and keeping a safe place. She never placed judgment on any of the women who shared in her workshop, regardless of what was shared.
— Jennifer J
Amanda facilitates her groups well and encourages personal discovery all without judgment. She is amazing at seeing areas where women can explore and grow.
— Valerie P
I highly recommend Amanda’s workshops. They have really helped me open up and get to the core of some of the issues that I’ve had for decades. She does a great job of asking questions to help you come to certain realizations yourself. She makes it feel like a welcoming and loving space, where everyone feels safe to share and discuss. I love the group aspect of it and it really feels like a group of girlfriends just opening up and talking together. I feel like I almost don’t recognize the person I was when I met her just a couple months ago. This experience has been truly helpful and I’m so grateful! I’m definitely looking forward to continuing my journey with Amanda and this great group of women.
— Suzanne L
Amanda was great, very insightful. I liked how she mainly just posed questions so we either came to a conclusion ourselves or thought about something in a different and new way.
— Stacey B
Amanda and The Brave Exploration Project has played a major role in positive changes that have taken place in my life. I am forever grateful for the universe bringing her into my life and for her guidance during this stage of my journey. Thank you Amanda for being my guide on this journey.
— Amber K