The Brave Exploration Project

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  • Are you struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, or disconnection?

  • Are you hiding things about yourself or your past out of fear?

  • Do you feel like your voice has been silenced and you struggle to speak up for yourself?

  • Do you feel like your past and opinions of yourself stop you from fully living?

  • Are ready to let go of everything holding you back?

  • Are ready to explore yourself and your past experiences?

  • Do you want to feel more confident in and comfortable with who you are?

  • Are you ready to love and accept yourself in a way you've never experienced before?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions then YOU ARE READY for the BRAVE EXPLORATION PROJECT.

All too often we become disconnected from ourselves and our voice because of things that have happened in our life.  Fear of speaking up, sharing who we are or even what we think can cause us to be and feel small in our lives. Our confidence becomes weakened the more we fail to trust ourselves and speak up for what we need and want in our life.  The Brave Exploration Project helps women get back in touch with who they are without the noise of others and allows them to feel more confident in and comfortable with themselves.

The Brave Exploration Project - 6 week self-guided workshop for women is designed to:

  • Allow you to explore your own past in order to live a more joyful, confident and connected life.

  • Reconnect you with and strengthen your inner voice, so that you feel confident and free to speak your truth

  • Provide you new perspectives about your past and your experiences/choices.  

  • Support you in discovering the power of the stories you tell about yourself, your past and others. 

  • Help you develop an understanding that your past and all your experiences are a powerful piece of who you are.  

  • Uncover the HERO that already lives inside of you!

Through Brave Exploration, you will explore your past using journaling and experiential art activities, like collaging.  These activities are designed to provide you insight about what is holding you back. As you explore where you have been, you will discover the power you have. This discovery allows you to bravely embrace it. Each week includes 3-4 activities that give you the opportunity to explore yourself within.