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Amanda is honest and real in her writing. She demonstrates the strength being vulnerable holds for each of us and acknowledges the creative intelligence we develop at such a young age and how that impacts the way we perceive our world.
— Antonia P
You’re Brave Enough takes you through a mental journey many of us are afraid to take but so need to embark upon in order to break free from the very chains we’ve imprisoned ourselves with. This book is truly thought provoking, inspiring and life changing.
— Andrea G
I found myself nodding my head in agreement several times. I can totally relate to her message. It helped me stop and celebrate how far I’ve come.
— Sandy E
As a mother and grandmother, I want to share this book with my daughters and granddaughters because it can help them to connect with their inner strength so they can move forward positively and not let the trials of their life define them negatively.
— Roberta B
I LOVE “You’re Brave Enough!” Reading it made me feel validated and understood. Amanda has a great way of offering guidance and support.
— Sarah C
For any woman who is questioning herself or wondering about her life then this book is for you!! Amanda offers thought provoking questions to help the reader find the answers that are already within us. I finally realize that I CAN forgive myself and Amanda demonstrates that forgiveness is an act of self love. Amanda and You’re Brave Enough are not only inspiring but they encourage us to find our own light. It’s money well spent and a gift I will be giving to other women I know.
— Maegan W

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