Don’t be afraid to share who you are with the world, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
— Amanda JP Brown

Have You Ever...

  • Felt lost, scared or alone?

  • Experienced shame around your past or pieces of your past?

Are you ready to roar, “Here I am and I am Mother F’ing Worthy”

Isn't It Time to...

  • Stop hiding yourself from others?

  • Feel more connected to your intuition?

  • Feel empowered?

  • Learn to Love yourself unconditionally?

  • DIG DEEP and embark upon your Greatest, most Fulfilling Expedition yet?


You’re Brave Enough isn’t just another “self-help” book.

It’s an experience that takes you to the edge of your comfort zone, then encourages & supports you to brave beyond through exploration so you Stand Tall, Speak Boldly & Own Your Power!

Sometimes, if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.
— Clint Eastwood
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$2 of every purchase goes to the Beautiful Knockout Scholarship Fund, a scholarship program dedicated to helping women in need attend my workshops and events. 


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What I loved about this book was how it was relatable. There were many “aha” moments for me as read it. Amanda shared her stories, her struggles and how she overcame them. She provides practices on digging deep and being real with yourself. This book truly changed me. If you are interested in finding your brave, look no further. It’s worth a read!
— Erin L
Change is never an easy thing. But Amanda not only exposes herself by who she was in this book, but also takes you by the hand and walks with you, guiding you throughout these steps to leading a fuller, better life to help you lead that HERO in your own life.
— Lenna S
I loved this book! If you desire to make significant and lasting changes in your life or career, You’re Brave Enough is an extraordinary guide for the path to take, the questions to ask yourself, and the work to do. Amanda shares her own journey with clarity, honesty, and directness, as well as with a rare vulnerability that allows the reader to realize they are not alone, and that the journey, while challenging, is so worth doing. Amanda also deals frankly and courageously with the topic of shame and how to work through it with clarity, self-awareness and love. There are great journal prompts and activities scattered throughout the book, and a whole section of inspirational quotes Amanda used on her own journey to keep herself inspired. I carry a copy around in my bag and often refer to the quotes and the journal prompts. Of all the self-help books I’ve read (and I’ve read a LOT), this ranks at the top of my list. I highly recommend You’re Brave Enough!
— Pamela S
You’re Brave Enough is a great guide to making small changes to your life, attitude, outlook and loving who you are! It’s an honest and real account of the author’s life! She opens up about the “mistakes” she has made and troubles she has encountered throughout her life, and how she found a way to work through them and embrace them as learning opportunities. I love that this isn’t just another inspiring story (those are everywhere) but that it gave me actual practical applications I could use in my own life. The book has questions for the readers to ask themselves as they go, which you can use to journal or just for self-reflection. Amanda’s honesty throughout the book helped me to see that I’m not the only one who has made (and still makes!) “poor choices” sometimes, and that I don’t need to be ashamed of them. Her book truly helped me accept and embrace my past as a part of what makes me ME! I really recommend this book to anyone looking to make even small changes in their life and attitude. It’s a quick read but you’ll find yourself going back to the lessons as challenges arise in life.
— Nicole M
Such a great book! I have read a lot of self help and I love books that are inspiring and motivating. This one is one of my favorites. If you are ready to move past your hurts, fears, guilt and/or shame read this. Be Brave!!
— Lori F
You’re Brave Enough gives you great motivation to believe in yourself and to find the power to be who you are!
— Wendy B